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Your Voice Matters.

This biannual survey collects the anonymous voices of educators across North Carolina to determine strengths and improvement opportunities in schools and districts.

Webinars and Office Hours

Weekly Office Hours:
EVERY THURSDAY in February & March from 4:00-5:00pm
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1/16/24: District Webinar Superintendents, Public Information Officers, Chief Academic Officers, HR Directors, etc.

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1/17/24 and 1/25/24: School Webinar Principals, Asst. Principals, NC TWC Coordinators

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1/18/24: Charters Webinar Head of Schools, Principals, Assistant Principals, HR Directors, NC TWC Coordinators 

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1/30/24: Teacher Open House Webinar Classroom Teachers, Student Support Personnel

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What's New in 2024


Unique, Anonymous Email Link

On March 1, 2024, you will receive an email with a unique, anonymous link to the survey if you are eligible to participate.

Less Questions, Less Time

Click your anonymous email link to begin your survey. The survey has been reduced from 199 to 100 questions

No Rush to Complete

Complete the survey anytime before March 31, 2024. You will have the option to enter your email to be included in a drawing for prizes after the survey has closed.

All classroom teachers (certified and non-certified) and licensed school-based educators (e.g., school counselor, school psychologist, social worker, media coordinator, instructional coaches, etc.) in the state are encouraged to participate.
School Principals and Assistant Principals should NOT take the survey.

Kimberly Jones
2023 Burroughs Wellcome Fund NC Teacher of the Year

Teacher voice matters! I encourage everyone to share your valuable insights in the teacher working conditions survey and contribute to shaping healthy and supportive educational environments and creating positive change for educators and students.

Donna Bledsoe
2023 Wells Fargo NC Principal of the Year

Empower your voice and shape the future: Participate in the NC Teacher Working Conditions Survey! Your insights are the catalyst for continual improvement in our schools ensuring the best possible teaching and learning environments for all.

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